Three Seconds

Three Reflectors, Again

There I am on a Sunday morning in the 70’s, happy that we are done with church and the tight, itchy clothes are off.  I am reading Marmaduke, Peanuts, Doonesbury (trying, but I don’t yet get irony) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  I read the comics for many years.  I have never really taken to reading a paper after I quit reading the comics.  Ripley’s, one Sunday:  a human heart can beat one million times in about 10 days.  To beat one billion times? 22years.

There are billions of photos on the flickr website.  Most mammals live about a billion heartbeats, humans live three.  If we measured time in heartbeats, what would a clock look like?

When I have a day/month like I am having today…sometimes I think: there are many things that can happen in a life, and this is one of them.  What if all my worst scenarios play out?  It is a part of this life that I am living.  What if I get everything I think I want?  The heart beats the same through the good and the bad; little slower, little faster.  The same.

One thing hearts don’t like to do is beat too regularly.  A heart that does not have a dose of chaos in its rhythm gets sick very quickly.  The irregularity keeps it…regular.  Being able to exactly predict the next beat is not good.  Every one is a little tiny bit off from the last one.  Like people.

I can feel your heart.  I have said that before. What I am really saying is,  I can feel time (finally), I get the preciousness of this moment, this moment, this moment.  Oh, and Thank you for getting me in touch with the clock.   I want to be awake for this.

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