Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe

Can you meet me on the still water of my dreams

In your blue canoe in the washed out August mid-

day?  Will my turning to the paddle falls of your oars

make you real?  The caddis flies dancing on the water, playing chicken

with the surface tension can’t be made up.  I can’t imagine those 256 flies, can I?

I didn’t.  They were there.

The gauze of dreams is the tease, all webby and over-exposed in this August heat.

Close your eyes, drop your oars, and row, Jimmy, row.

It’s morning and we gotta go.

Bend, OR 2006, Nikon D100

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One Response to Blue Canoe

  1. cass says:

    i read your blog almost everyday and enjoy it tremendously!

    thank you for being inspiring : )

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