Playground 11

Playground 11

I went to this playground to try and know myself.  It was 2006 and I lived 500 yards from this school.  One day, without thinking much about it, I went in and took pictures.  A few months later I went again, and that was it. I didn’t plan the project, but as I made the pictures, I knew I was walking backwards in one way and seeing the future at the same time.  I could feel it.  More than memory.  I was knowing me now by being around these childhood toys.  The camera tilted because I would often tilt my head left and right when I was a kid–made things funny.  But I also remember wondering how my brain made everything seem right side up even when I was looking at it upside down.  That’s a good trick.  The camera blurred when I remembered squinting hard enough to make everything kind of sparkle–the lights all stretched out.  I wondered how my eyes could actually make a movie of the world in my head.

As a kid I used playgrounds to discover how things worked and how it felt to move my body.  Kicking harder on the swing makes momentum.  I had no word for it but I felt it. Spinning on the merry-go-round made me feel high.  My parents called it dizzy…

When I went back and..remembered is not the right word…relived or re-felt all these experiences it somehow enhanced the meaning to who I am now.  I look at things still.  I wonder about how things work, and I am curious. I guess I am the same person I always was, but reconnecting with the young me helped me feel more like all of me is here now.  Can you explain that?

Bend, OR 2006, Nikon D100

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  1. This is so good. I can’t explain it. But, you’ve just said in a few words the emotional experience I have each time I read and look at the pictures in The Playground series. These posts alone are like The Chicken Soup for the Soul to me. Truly Inspirational.

  2. stephenarcher says:

    Thanks Steve.

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