Playground 7

Playground 7

I will dangle my feet off this swing,

Drag my in-turned toes through a puddle,

twist the chaines, and spin untwisted, sharp at the end.

I will swing until I see the top of the set,

the horizon I stand on and the horizons beyond, owning them all, I swing.

I will lay my head back and kick my legs under me and swing and swing harder.

I will, at the very top of this arc, let go and JUMP and oh,

feel that moment of the loss of my own weight in the world and

the rush of falling 32 feet per second per second and

(I know none of that math) and the jolt in my ankles, the thud.

I will be turning and looking at the swing flowing through its sine waves, slowing.

I will laugh even though no one is around, and laugh and

laugh.  I will be much older

when I remember the purity of this moment,

the last moment I ever flew (through the air!) on my own.

Bend, OR 2006, Nikon D100

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