Playground 8

Playground 8

The weather is shifting today; the air is cool and the cool is from tops of the mountains and not just the weariness of the heat giving out as it does every day, usually later at night in the summer.  I can feel the earth heaving over a little toward the next season, turning the corner.  The light is bending just a little.  Can you feel that–the wind has its own fullness: clean?  Can you see it–the clouds are starting to look laden–not the potato chip wisps of summer.  Tomorrow I am sure we will be back to the heat, but today portends the coming fall…

the coming fall

the coming fall.

Bend, OR, 2006, Nikon D100.

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3 Responses to Playground 8

  1. 103° today…I wish I could relate. My wife took a peek over my shoulder just now and read the blog, I could hear her whisper…”oh, I do miss the changing of the seasons”.

  2. Great picture. I like the contrast. Is that taken in downtown Bend? It reminds me of the restaurant that has a Juniper pine tree growing through the middle of it. I’m not sure why it does. But it does.

    • stephenarcher says:

      That restaurant is the Pine Tavern. No all these are at a elementary school playground which has since been replaced with new equipment…

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