Playground 8

Playground 8

The weather is shift­ing today; the air is cool and the cool is from tops of the moun­tains and not just the weari­ness of the heat giv­ing out as it does every day, usu­ally later at night in the sum­mer. I can feel the earth heav­ing over a lit­tle toward the next sea­son, turn­ing the cor­ner. The light is bend­ing just a lit­tle. Can you feel that – the wind has its own full­ness: clean? Can you see it – the clouds are start­ing to look laden – not the potato chip wisps of sum­mer. Tomor­row I am sure we will be back to the heat, but today por­tends the com­ing fall…

the com­ing fall

the com­ing fall.

Bend, OR, 2006, Nikon D100.

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3 Responses to Playground 8

  1. 103° today…I wish I could relate. My wife took a peek over my shoul­der just now and read the blog, I could hear her whisper…“oh, I do miss the chang­ing of the seasons”.

  2. Great pic­ture. I like the con­trast. Is that taken in down­town Bend? It reminds me of the restau­rant that has a Juniper pine tree grow­ing through the mid­dle of it. I’m not sure why it does. But it does.

    • stephenarcher says:

      That restau­rant is the Pine Tav­ern. No all these are at a ele­men­tary school play­ground which has since been replaced with new equipment…

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