The Approach

The Approach

I am sitting here at work.  Patients are canceling.  The phone is ringing.  People are describing aches and pains to my medical assistant.  She is triaging those calls.  Which ones go to a scheduler, to me, my assistant, to a pharmacy.  Filters.  What rises to the level of critical…is your pain at a ”10”?  Are you bleeding?  How many pills did your dog eat? Come in now.  Wait until tomorrow.  Go to the ER.  I am grateful for my patients.  I am also sometimes overwhelmed with the constancy of the work.  Never ends.

What is important?  What questions need an answer right now in my life?  What time do I have?  Same as yesterday. Same as tomorrow.  My calendar goes by in 15 minute increments.  Somehow that does not resonate with  a Mayan idea of time or a calendar that marks epochs.  But it is what I do.  I am busy. My highest productivity comes when I am already busy…talk to a busy person if you want something done.  My highest good comes in the moments of my stillness.    Talk to me when I am quiet if you want to know who I am.  My challenge is to remember to be a person even when I am busy.  I am flat out not good at that.  I am better than I used to be, but it is the rough edge of my growth, always.  It is humbling.  Do. Be.  (I don’t want to make the obvious joke here, but since I have already gone this far:  Do be do be do!…couldn’t help myself).

Bend, OR 2010, Nikon D700

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3 Responses to The Approach

  1. anita says:

    i like this one a lot. i like the bee. and the purple. very resonant–the poise and the splay.

  2. William says:

    life is a parade of suffering, i suppose. it’s quite enough to deal with our own let alone that of so many others.

    stopped into the loft today to see your exhibit. well down, the interplay of the textual recollections and the reality of the park through your lens. it is an imagery i’m very drawn to, those decaying places of our youth. bravo sir. you make me wish i could use a damn camera.

  3. stephenarcher says:

    poise and splay. Record the album. you have found the title.

    william, thank you for the time spent in going to see my photos. The parade of suffering is the norm, you are right. Mostly it stems from the loneliness of spinning on this ball, I think.

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