Know, Don’t Know

Know, Don't Know

Drawn by a jealous moon and tethered to an unconscious coastline,

this undefined place in me rolls like a twisted tide.

The joke: the place is between my head and my heart, my voice.  I speak

to draw the two together, like a bugling elk looking for its mate,

like a hawker at the fairgrounds selling nothing for something,

like a mime.

My brain, immoveable in its surety, bored as a rock.

My heart, flooding, looking like a silly pool of cream,




eventually changing, my very mind.

And still my voice, its constant chatter, keeping me awake or asleep or whatever…

While the disconnected parts of me work overtime to find each other,

and make me whole.

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3 Responses to Know, Don’t Know

  1. Stephen Parkhurst says:

    This is good! I was instantly captivated by the photography, then the words. Stephen, you have three wonderful talents- Photography, Writing and bringing the two together.

  2. P. Voyles says:

    This picture make your emotions appear to be in turmoil. Sometimes the chatter is what helps us sort through what is going on in our mind and felt in our heart. I think women have an advantage on this one because we can always chatter about it to one of our girlfriends and not be judged.

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