I love how, no matter what, teenagers do their job of finding a way to offend the rest of the world with fashion–and with many other things as well, but it starts with the clothes. It is one of my favorite traits.  They must do this or die.  I know, having been one, having done my job with hair down my back, with checkerboard Vans and with being part of a generation to use the word dude in every single sentence.

A 17 year old boy/man is sitting on the exam table listening to me talk about how we have to clean out his colon before we do surgery.  He made the mistake of bringing his girlfriend who is looking blanker as the conversation gets real-er, if you know what I mean.

Of course when I go to examine him he has the CK boxer briefs.  I know this because I see mostly all of them–the briefs.  Somewhere around mid-femur I encounter his pants which, if stood them next to him would look like weird hand me downs from a half-sized clown.  They are short but they hit correctly at the heel of the shoe because they are worn low, way low.  I am as hip as the next guy, probably more.  When the ipod plays in the OR I can name anyone from the Shins to the Beastie Boys.  I have a tattoo and I got it just over a year ago (my poor parents had to see that one).  I read Wired.  This lowboy pants thing though, I don’t get, even though I was part of the generation in the 70’s that wore low riding bell bottoms.  This is different, because of the addition of the of boxer briefs.  I guess without the underwear we would be getting a real look at twigs and berries so it is a mercy, but a weird one.  Still, in all things, something to be thankful for…

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3 Responses to Fashion

  1. Bobbi says:

    Oh I know!!! What is with the pants??? Every one of my patients wore them and I was always so afraid that they would fall down mid interview! Thanks for the laugh…


  2. P. Voyles says:

    I have yet to figure out why some boys want to wear their britches down to their knees. Sometimes I wonder how they walk. The other day my son and I were walking one of our dogs in the park and a group of boys were playing basketball. I had to laugh because everytime one boy went to shoot his pants would start to fall down.

  3. Crystal says:

    The low pants are funny, I never quite understood the appeal… but what about the newer trend among boys, Tweens & teens who wear their pants TIGHT thru the thigh and super tapered down the ankles? This trend kind of tris me out- I guess bc the boys pants are even tighter than the girls?

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