Snow 1

Snow 1

One of the cool things about pho­tog­ra­phy is the illu­sion that I get to con­trol two huge play­ers in the uni­verse: light and time. If the cam­era stares at some­thing long enough it even­tu­ally stops look­ing like itself and starts to look like the smooth sur­face that enough time seems to impart to mem­ory. It‘s only true for bod­ies in motion how­ever, like the water in the pic­ture above. The chaos of each lit­tle rip­ple is relieved by just leav­ing the cam­era to look at it long enough. Emily Dick­in­son believed that the pass­ing of time doesn‘t help..

They say that “Time assuages”
Time never did assuage –

An actual suf­fer­ing strength­ens
As Sinews do, with age

The suf­fer­ing is the prob­lem. Pain, incon­ve­nience, “bad days” pass like a stream and start to look dif­fer­ent as soon as they reach the rear view mir­ror. I have learned (and said here, recently even) that my attach­ments cause the suf­fer­ing. They keep the painful stuff right in front of me, frozen, while just beneath that, time and pain and this moment and that moment and hap­pi­ness and a good day and a hard day and every­thing else, flow away like water­col­ors in the rain.

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Happiness is simple, everything we do to find it is complicated (Karen Maezen Miller). Those attachments get me every time…


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