Hav­ing just been sick I am reminded how much I need this body. It is just like me to for­get that I am attached here, that the bal­loon of me has a string. I can spend lots of time up in my head, rang­ing all over the world with­out ever leav­ing a quiet spot. I prob­a­bly shouldn‘t tell you what I mean by “lots of time”. Take my word for it.

Even­tu­ally though I emerge from the dreams and start look­ing around for peo­ple. That is when I remem­ber how much I need my teth­ered self to be in the world. Tak­ing care of that self is a full time job. For instance, eat­ing. What goes on in our brain that stirs real inter­est in food/drink at least three times a day. Noth­ing else is so com­pelling. Not even close. By the time the next meal rolls around, I am curi­ous and a lit­tle happy, even delighted. I don‘t feel this way about my next breath, work, you or myself. Food how­ever, every time is the ticket.

So I am always in the flux of enough time to get my head empty so that I can re-inhabit my body and con­nect with the life it lives con­nected to you. Being sick puts me 100% in my body, maybe as a way to reset my aware­ness. So I am eat­ing, walk­ing, tak­ing the next breath. Good enough.

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