So spring is com­ing around, I think. Usu­ally here it lasts a week or so. Then back to win­ter for a time, then some­where around the first week in August we move in to sum­mer. It‘s a process here in Bend, OR. The pass­ing of sea­sons has the fla­vor of a nego­ti­a­tion that the town has with the weather. Dur­ing these unmedi­ated rounds of plead­ing with the tilt­ing earth. if the sun pokes out, even as a joke, the houses empty imme­di­ately and we all gather around the warm air and rub our hands together. The moun­tains are cur­rently loaded with snow still and the rivers are as swollen as vari­cose veins. The deer, await­ing an even slower Sum­mer to reach the high­lands, mosey through town eat­ing every­thing green, red, vio­let, orange. They eat any­thing grow­ing. They are fear­less, hang­ing out every­where. Actu­ally I find them a bit smug.

Rose and I are wait­ing for our son. He is right here in the house with us. I can feel his foot try­ing to find the exact mid­dle of Rose‘s liver. Her belly has knobs on it now. We wait, and he, like sum­mer, is shy. I am patient. I live in Bend. Nine months of a preg­nant win­ter, but the sum­mer is deli­cious.

Tech­ni­cal note: the best cam­era you have is the one you are hold­ing. This pic­ture was made with a phone through a win­dow. It won‘t win a Pulitzer, but I still like it. Hold the cam­era you have. Take it with you. Put it up to your eye and hit the but­ton. Good things happen.

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3 Responses to Wait

  1. Bobbi says:

    Waiting, delicious…


  2. Barbara says:

    Ah, I love this post……so true about the summers in Bend. Would I have moved here from CA, had I know…..not sure. But I’m so glad that I did, otherwise I would not have met all the wonderful people that make up my world now…….Adian, we are waiting…..

  3. P. Voyles says:

    Your last line is beautiful. Nine months is a fraction of time compared to all the days, months, and years you will get to watch your son grow.

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