I have read that the distractions and addictions we play with are the branches and leaves of a tree.  The trunk of the tree is called codependence, a ridiculous word with no relationship by meaning to the word that makes it up. The sinister root of the addiction tree is shame.  You can look up addiction tree on google and you will find many ads for rehab centers that have the diagram to see.  The tree gets a bad rap, I think, even though the metaphor might be useful.  Codependence.  It’s an annoying word.  What it tries to convey is that the person who is riddled with and rooted in shame looks outward for some sense of his own worth, which is not forthcoming out there, because it is inherent anyway.  Anyway,  when that fails, all the shiny leaves start to look good, and are good, for a while.  Who knows, maybe they are good for a long time or forever.  Let’s not judge.

Anyway.  Anywho.  This is not a post about addiction.  Think of something else please.
When I am looking for a vocabulary to describe what I aspire to be, a tree comes to mind.  Rooted, connected; growing curiously upward and strong; from a solid footing, playing in the wind.


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2 Responses to Trunk

  1. Les Archer says:

    snow faces, yes
    i see a mass of snow bird faces,in flight
    and hear
    the echoless bark
    under the leaden sky .

    Psalm One is big on Ents, Roots and a watered
    witherless leaf. [Stephen your lens see more and more..]

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