The Road

In spite of the uncertainty in my life I feel the openness of the blue above me more than I feel the constraints of the road I can’t see, more than the curve’s unexpected challenges. If I choose, I can call the sky whatever I like. I will choose hope or love. The sky is enough to cover anything the narrowness ahead can throw my way.

This may sound like a Stephen Covey 7 Habits inspirational poster, but if you have read enough of me you know that I tend to the narrows, to the grey. I have learned to ask people, Rose, you, Reader, my friends–but not my banker, my attorneys, my physicians, my co-workers (mostly), my tax collector–to hold hope and love for me when I am tending toward tunnel vision. I make up the story that these qualities I need so much can be held for me until I can look up and see them, own them. And then, I do look up and the sky has been there all along, simple,
as that.

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2 Responses to The Road

  1. CK says:

    Yet you do ask…

  2. interesting entry for me to read tonight.. in the midst of a hurricane.. the sky is ominous and dangerous…. or maybe I am looking at this the wrong way… the sky IS there.. behind this tempest and will be there tomorrow when the wind blows this too away…… thanks for reminding me…

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