Hands, kidneys, eyes, ears, lungs, etc.

The midline: the sex, brain, mouth, the heart.

If it’s vital for the experience of living, vital for our self-knowing, we get only one. The duplicated organs serve the singular ones, or maybe the duplicated ones have the singular ones on the short leash. Chickens, eggs, carts and horses.

I am asking questions about the set up. Why does my brain have the experience of being in this body? Is it to know God, really? If no god, then we have a brutal (un)knowing of our loneliness. I say unknowing because we don’t know what happened before or after the moment our little asteroid of a life shot across history. It (this life) is history, isn’t it? It’s not the future, for sure. We don’t shoot across the future. By the time anything happens, it is old news, done, over as it began. I feel sad about that, and that is the condition of being human. Those who say they know god do not anything more than anyone else. They believe something different but are no more (or less) fervent in their belief than the (un)believer who is equally committed to the “fact” of a godless universe. Everyone stakes everything of their existence on this belief. Everyone. More questions..

Why do we hide our sex? Why are we afraid of nakedness? Shame? We do instantly judge every possible nuance of appearance. How does it help to judge based so much on looks? This is a problem for C. Darwin. The best mate is so much more than the looks, but the looks make us quiver. Smart? Who cares. Big tits please. I don’t get it. Maybe we learned to wear clothes because something in us learned that looks kill. The clothes create the time needed to figure out if I am smart/compassionate/capable enough to be a good mate. Still, no matter how bright/driven/loving, if the smell is off or the hair is wrong, I’m out. I know this because I have ended relationships for these reasons. Turns out I am just as base as…you?

What’s left? The mouth. Besides politicians who, it turns out, do have two mouths, we have the one. ‘Nuff said, yo.


New feature for you Bend Lightbulbs: If you follow me on twitter @bendlight you will find that I am going to be giving 140 character reviews of photos I like and links to those photos. I have wondered how to share the work of non-me photographers (huh? I know, but it’s true, there are other photo-graphers out there). This is how. Bend Light will continue to beat you incessantly with only my photos. Twitter @bendlight will publish my posts but added value there will be the witty little nothings about great photos. Beware: I won’t hesitate to include nudity or disturbing images if they stir my midline organs. Am I sharing too much now? Maybe? Sorry. I’m out.

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2 Responses to Venography

  1. Kathleen says:

    Admittedly I am doing some catch up on your blog. It has always infuriated me that so many people associate nudity as always meaning sex or something shameful. Can’t they see the beauty in the human body? I guess I have seen it as refusing to recognize something beautiful.
    I love the photo, it looks as if the petals are floating above the cloth.
    The rest of the words require longer digestion, on my part.

  2. Momo says:

    O Old Boy epaize th frksuoniaa tou. Enas purobolismos akousthke, ena sex symbol eixe gremistei. To pistolh tou Old boy, bu8ismeno sth 8hkh toukapnize, alla h fysarmonika oute gia mia stigmh eixe pausei oute kan faltsarei. From the “Once upon a time in the Blog”.

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