Hard at Work

Ever feel like you are watching over things that don’t matter? Who is it that does that watching? The thin line between personal mayhem, utter apathy or extreme violence is that we don’t know the time of our dying. If we did, of course, we, or I will speak for me since you probably would have loftier ideals–I would light up a cigarette, rob a bank (nonviolently–it’s a personal preference) and give the money back or away or just light in on fire right there in the bank, run until my knees finally did give out as opposed to the not running I do now in fear of the knees and because of laziness. Just that one piece of info keeps us looking over useless chores and keeps us tidying up corners. Even though we all know it’s coming, we do things we would never do if we knew when it’s coming.

Making dinner does its little part to keep body and soul together so I can see doing that. Plus eating feels good which is a good thing to be doing (feeling, good) while we wait around to meet the inevitable deadline, the one we won’t be late for. In the meantime, I, like millions now and before me, am curious about the thin line of (un)knowing that keeps me doing useless things, shackled to someone else’s beliefs (which they would disavow the second they knew the moment of their own demise, by the way), keeps my head down and my neck bowed staring at my fingers working to the bone.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I like this. This is something I have been thinking about a lot myself, lately, especially since I am not working and wondering if I am filling my days with the “right” things.

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