It Goes Fast, One Second At A Time

The dif­fer­ence between what I make up is real and what is real…is unknown to me.

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4 Responses to It Goes Fast, One Second At A Time

  1. Kathleen says:

    I read some­thing recently about peo­ple who have strong judge­ments about a cer­tain topic and to make it short, in exper­i­ments they found that peo­ple will not remove “noise” that pre­vents them from hear­ing an argu­ment against what they believe. They will remove noise and lis­ten closely in order to hear an argu­ment in agree­ment with what they believe. Although this is not exactly the same as mak­ing up real­ity, which I def­i­nitely iden­tify with, I won­der how often I let “noise” keep me set in my made up real­ity, unable to know the dif­fer­ence. I sus­pect I do it all the time.

    • I do real­ize that I am mak­ing up my real­ity – not that I am omnipo­tent, but rather pow­er­less to any­thing else – and yes, I think I am devoted to it since it is all I have. Ruiz says that every­thing I say, every­thing, is only about me. Makes me want to speak less. In the same way, my real­ity is all I live in. And then, really, it does not mat­ter too much.

  2. cass says:

    One of my favorite quotes is ‘change hap­pens at the speed of thought’. It helps me remem­ber that I have a choice about how I react. Every­thing gets fil­tered and tweaked by my own perspective/desire. Mostly I try to not make life harder than it needs to be and mon­i­tor how often I place obsta­cles in front of myself. Per­haps noth­ing is real since we all have a unique experience.

    I am sit­ting here at work think­ing about the count­less hours I spend choos­ing the per­fect pan­tone col­ors for each piece I design. They will never turn out as I have imag­ined them in the real world. It is the cre­ative jour­ney that I enjoy and I remind myself when the pack­age of pro­to­types arrives to look with fresh eyes. Hang­ing on to what I wanted it to be usu­ally inhibits the growth of what I have been given.

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