Bear Two Ways, One

I am turning a circle around an ursine circle.
How is a bear in this circle with his ass to the high side of Bend, OR?
She just is, and 8th street flanks her frontside and she is eternally
in the round
Every day I pass this bear on my way to the grind. Bend has been written up in the Times (NY, that is) for the round a bouts. I don’t even know how to spell that. There are many of them here. On the west side of town there are no traffic lights, only the circles. It is charming. In the middle of each is art. In the middle of the traffic of my life I hope to find art, placed there by someone else or me, I don’t care. More beauty please. The men who run my job these days want me to drive in circles and load for bear. Ha. Done.

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2 Responses to Bear Two Ways, One

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes, more beauty please……..

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