The Curves

I looked at my photographs today, some of them. They streamed across my tv, I don’t remember how. I remembered that before we looked at paper prints and i like those but these are good too, immediate.
I liked my photos. That felt good; happy was the emotion. I want you to like my photographs and to feel something when you see my them. Feel anything. Saying that I want you to like my art does not come so naturally as saying that I like my art, which also does not come naturally. It is a progression of unwinding false-ness. I do truly love the impulse in me to create. Saying anything else is ego. For instance, minimizing that love is ego, because then I am asking you to jump in and love it and make me be ok in some way. I don’t need that. Your loving it or not is not my business even though I want you to. Hoping you like my work and my art is me wanting you to know me. Underneath the mind of me, the science of me, are the curves that give the edges meaning. The curves are my feelings. I am trying to let you know about those curves and edges, my feelings. I am letting me know about them.

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  1. Crystal says:

    An uncle asked me why I like cooking for family gatherings but not as much when just cooking for myself… Seems obvious to me, I just wanna share the experience… Besides- there’s just as many dishes either way 😉

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