For All Of Us…Goodnight

Pay attention. I am not going to waste space here:We look at one another waiting for one to change the other.
We say to each other and we hear from professionals, that we attract the
people who amplify our dark spots (weaknesses [not pc], faults [oh god], etc).
It goes like: You have chosen a lover who
presses your buttons (best case scenario),
is your opposite,
“knows your shadow side”
has something to teach you (worst case scenario).

Listen up:
We find a person and then we continue to behave the way we always have so that it looks like the other person magically knows what I need to work on, or pushes my …. Really, they are bystanders
while I read the daily news of my life
the way I always have, the way I always will,

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3 Responses to For All Of Us…Goodnight

  1. Susie Kay says:

    I sure don’t like it when my buttons are pushed, but I always learn and grow from it – dang it. Growth is so hard sometimes. But I have more of me than I ever have and I hope to have more tomorrow.

  2. Lynn says:

    For the most part I agree with this. However, I am married to a narcissist and, I believe, a sociopath. (Though not a professional, I use these terms in the clinical sense.) That said, I’m not willing to agree that I am the same. My life has nearly been destroyed by this person. Have I learned from this 20 year, very long, lesson? You bet. Is it that I am capable of doing what he does? No way. I question myself every day, and the very fact that I do, tells me that while I may have married someone who ‘helps’ ( and I use the word facetiously) me to re-enact what I grew up with, it also tells me what I am not. For that, at least, I’m grateful.

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