What Moves, Moves

What nature makes is better. The right angles that I focus on are not found in what flows easily, naturally. My mind finds the right angles, my heart, the flow. Simple as that.

Or this…
I can’t write about anything new. Neither can you. We create out of our need and we return to the same spot, looking for it to be home.

I don’t know…what would be new. Politics. Ok I am writing about that. Tell yourself what is going on in politics right this minute. It is now old and done, as in right now. Maybe I am writing about my work, or yours. That is cool because it is good work, but I can write about the mechanics of that all day…yeah I guess some of you would actually like watching that Lifetime Network all day, but I wouldn’t. But still, I do write about it, because taking a knife to your abdomen and getting paid for the privilege is somehow Dexter awesome…can’t deny that one. I have a weird, cool job.

this picture works because I like the contrast between what moves and the rest of it. I like life that way. There you know a little bit about me. Also, the water looks like fur, which is cool in a picture, but not in a glass.


I am a fraud and what I think I feel is only my thoughts.  Who you know me to be is how I am in the world.  I am less than the guy looking for feelings, I am more changeable than a river after the snow melt.  I make real, human mistakes with you, with real humans.  Ugh.  That is boring too, but there it is.  I don’t know how to tell you that I am different from hour to hour–can be here and all high-hearted and high-minded or I can be cornered at work and be a jerk, or I can create a corner and be worse. I am every one of those things, mostly every day.  How the hell is that possible?  I don’t see the same swings in many people out there, especially those I work with.  Is it that I am writing about it or is it that I am the only one who can ride all the way to the edge of the pendulum of mood and action and swing back to the other side and expect you to keep up with that?  Ridiculous.


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