I would love to say that you start with a blank. But it’s me.
I start with a blank.
Then I have eggs and toast and coffee on the road and
then I end up somewhere with my cube shaped camera
that I hold like my lovers breasts…i love it, seriously, because it connects me to a past you don’t care about and future which literally does not exist, but i hold it like a cubical warm croissant on a Sunday morning, every time, like that. I can’t explain it, but I describe it hoping you get how powerful the mechanical thing is to me.

Then I make a picture. I don’t take a picture. I am making something not taking something–sounds like stealing. I am collaborating with a particular moment. You are invited, after, but still that original moment is there, somewhat frozen, although I hope you write a poem about it and…thaw it.

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6 Responses to Pyramidamid

  1. bethmyra says:

    from my bed
    over the top of the lampshade
    there are trees
    waiting for spring to warm them
    like I am ready for someone to
    help me sit up

  2. Rena says:

    Yours is a clever way of thikinng about it.

  3. MANNFOLK !!! er og blir mannfolk. 14 Ã¥ringen her dÃ¥ner bare jeg sier ord som BH, truse, bryst… om dagen, vrir seg i stolen og er SÃ… utilpass. Skjønner nÃ¥ ikke hvordan dette skal gÃ¥. DEN skjenertheten har han i all fall ikke etter sin mor !!og du…har du katt ??? Trodde det bare var Jølle som var firbent i ditt hus jeg ??Klem til en venn sendes her…

  4. http://www./ says:

    Rossi, quando o Ricardo disse "Boa Noite senhor Rui Gomes da Silva" o homem virou-se exactamente para o lado oposto onde estava o Ricardo, a olha para a parede.

  5. Hösten är den bästa av alla årstider då man äntligen får börja ta fram älskade myssockorna och tända ljus runt om kring sej. Hösten kunde vara ännu bättre om just jag fick gå omkring i en snygg mysig klänning från Chill Norway ;-).H. Viktoria i Finland

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