Light on Thorns

I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been checking in with myself. I haven’t been drinking in the life my body is moving through.
I have been raising my son. I have been loving my wife. I have been doing my best at work.
I haven’t been carrying my camera. I haven’t been screeching to a stop when the wind blows plastic through barbed wire in a beautiful way. I haven’t been stopping.
I have been sleeping…more. I have been stopping earlier, sometimes. I have been better to my colleagues at work. I have started running, a little.
I haven’t been holed up in my privacy. I haven’t talked with some friends. I rarely cook dinner.
I am talking with some (other) friends. I am writing now.
I am grateful
for the light on thorns
for the curve of the park in front of our house
for the word arc.

I am not done.

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5 Responses to Light on Thorns

  1. Stephen says:

    I like this.

  2. kathleenyago says:

    I think I have been feeling similarly as of late.

  3. Sue Kay says:

    Give and take; up and down; in and out; empty and full; hide and seek; seeking and found.

  4. kathleenyago says:

    I guess I wonder if I am being productive with the right things and I question those things that maybe only I know that I have been avoiding.

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