the jungle is coming

Dreams and visions.

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  1. Sue Kay says:

    I love the colors of your dreams and visions.

  2. Sabrina says:

    about legalizing pot. The way he feuirgd it, it some type of drug got them in this mess. He wandered around and noticed a cooler setting by a larger tent. Colt made his way to the cooler and reached with his left hand and soon remembered why he wasn’t using it. Pain flared through his shoulder, arm and across both his chest and back, he dropped to one knee to fight off the nausea and dizziness. Taking a deep breath he stood again and reached with his right hand to the cooler. “They have ice? How the hell do they have ice?” The cooler had both ham and bologna but the cheese was molded. Shaking his head, “They were too worried about fucking drinking and drugs to keep their own supplies safe.” He pulled the flap of the tent back and saw man huddled under the cot doing his best to stay hidden behind the blanket that was hanging over the edge. Colt didn’t have his gun and berated himself for not thinking of it, before he could back out a shot rang out ripping through his upper thigh. Colt felt back grabbing his leg, screaming out to anyone to help.Beth’s head jerked up when she heard the gunshot and Colt scream, she looked over to Tabitha. Tabitha wasted no time, “Fuck this shit! I’m on it!” Tabitha turned and hurried over to the tent where she heard Colt screaming, Beth was running right behind her. When Tabitha pulled back the flap of the tent Beth had her Beretta already in her right hand locked and loaded. After seeing Colt on the ground the look in his eye was grateful that Beth was there, but also of fear. Immediately Beth looked over to see the enemy trying to stand up and before he could get a word in edgewise Beth took aim at her target and shot the asshole right between the eyes. Tabitha looked over to Beth, “Damn fucking straight girl! Shoot first and ask your goddamn questions later!!” Beth put her piece in the back of her waistband and went down to sit beside Colt. Carefully she looked at his injury on his leg and realized that he had been shot but from the looks of it she couldn’t tell if the bullet had gone through or not. “Colt I want you to listen to me .we have got to get you moved and out of here. I am going to dress your wound as best as I can here to try to prevent any more blood loss until we can get you back home where I can work on you there. Beth reached up to the shoulder sleeve of her shirt and ripped the arm sleeve off. Quickly she tied a tourniquet around the leg and every time Colt made a sound of agony just made Beth feel worse which made her work even faster than before. When she was finished she looked over to Tabitha who had been watching the whole time. “Tabitha, here is what I need you to do, grab that blanket off the cot in the tent, we can get Colt on it for now until we talk to Alden to see what he wants to do. For right now we need to stabilize him and make him as comfortable as we can.” Tabitha looked over to where the blanket was and carefully made her way over to grab it. Once she had it she walked back over to Beth, “Here it is now just tell me what to do.” Beth looked over to Colt and gently brushed the top of his forehead. “Colt, I need you to roll over in my direction while Tabitha slides the blanket underneath you. When you come towards me I’ll gently pull you. As I do you need to take a deep breath.” Beth looked up to Tabitha, “Tabitha, I need you to fold the blanket in half and then once I have him on his side I need you to place the half folded blanket underneath him.” Tabitha looked at her then to Colt, “Ok I can do this.” Beth looked back to Colt and said, “On the count of three you try to roll while I pull you to me remember to take a deep breath and hold it.” Colt was in a tremendous amount of pain and he just wanted to get the fuck out of where they were right now and with a nod of his head he began counting, “One ..” Beth continued, “Two ” and all three of them said, “Three”. Within a matter of seconds Tabitha laid the half folded blanket down underneath Colt’s back and Beth spoke softly, “Colt . I am going to roll you back over and I want you to release your breath slowly. When you land on your back Tabitha is going to be on the other side and I need you to roll towards her.” Gently Beth helped him roll over and he did pretty well at letting out his breath but when he did he let out a loud, “FUCK THAT HURTS!” Tabitha quickly put her hands on Colts left side and said, “Come on Colt, deep breath and come to me baby.” Colt looked at Tabitha with a raised eyebrow then over to Beth. Beth began chuckling, “Good one Tabitha, way to get his mind off his pain.” Tabitha smiled, “Hey, I am just doing what I do best.” Colt took another deep breath and quickly he began rolling and Tabitha helped him as best as she could. Beth found the other side of the blanket and unfolded it so that it was completely flat. “Ok Tabitha let’s get him back on his back.” When Colt was returned back Beth wrapped the blanket around his and sat there with him. “Tabitha, you go help the others and I will sit here with Colt for a bit to make sure he is alright. Tabitha looked over to Ceara and she was trying to get a handle on one of the horses. “Yep, looks like Red over there could be using some of my help.” Slowly Tabitha stood and made her way over to Ceara where when she got there Ceara had the one horse and Tabitha then walked over to the other horse to get it.Alden heard the two shots and almost knocked Charlie over as he made his way back out of the RV. He saw where the girls were and saw Colt laying on the ground. Jumping down he bolted across the camp. He watched as the girls wrapped him up. Kneeling down he looked at Beth, “I know you’re a nurse or some shit, but trust me I have a little experience with injuries made from gunfire.” Noticing the blood had already soaked Beth’s shirt sleeve Alden knew what had to be done, raising he calmly walked over to where the campfire was still smoldering. He knelt and blew on some coals as he added a little wood, then took his knife and stuck it in the fire. Turning it he kept asking Beth how Colt was holding up. She was holding his hand and comforting him, “He’s weak Alden, real weak.” “I bet,” was his only reply. The blade had turned red on the tip and black a little farther up as Alden pulled it out of the fire. Walking back over he looked at Beth, “I know this ain’t what you’re used to but we need to stop the bleeding now.” Beth looked at Colt with a tear in her eye then to Alden, “I know I just wish there was another way. I was hoping we could get him back and I could suture it.” “No time,” Alden said as he pulled the bandage off. He took a stick and wrapped a clean part of the sleeve around it. “Beth you hold him. Colt here bite down on this.” Colt did as he was told not thinking to ask Alden why. Colt’s scream was muffled as he bit down on the stick and broke it when Alden touched the red hot blade to his wound. The smell of searing flesh caused Beth to gag. Alden wasted no time and rolled Colt over and slapped the knife on the other side of the wound. Again Colt bit down hard and the smell again caused Beth to gag. Charlie came out of the RV running, “HEY GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” As he got to where Colt was lying he looked down, “Oh man that fucking stinks.” Alden turned and stood, “Just what did you find Cupcake, a rubber sex doll.” Charlie stammered, “err uhh no. I found this; it’s like a complete surgeon’s bag from the army or something.” He handed it to Alden who grinned for a moment then turned to Beth and Colt. He tossed the bag next to her. “It’s a Special Forces medic kit, and he’s right it’s a portable surgical bag.” Colt raised his head and looked at Charlie, “You couldn’t have been just one minute quicker, you fuck!” Colt collapsed back looking to Beth, “Next time hide me in a damn tent till Charlie is done searching the grounds!” He tried to smile at Charlie to let him know he was joking, kind of. Colt was not used to being the center of attention, “Ok, ok Beth is taking care of me, you guys finish what needs done!” As soon as Alden and Charlie walked off to finish the search Colt looked to Beth, then down to the ground. “It really makes me look pretty stupid getting shot twice. I bet Alden thinks I’m a complete idiot.” Beth started to talk but he cut her off, “I don’t blame him either, I suck at this survival shit.” He hit the ground with his good hand, “I am going to get everyone killed, I got Jessica infected and now I can’t protect myself much less those around me.” Frustrated tears shimmered in his eyes as he looked back to Beth, “I try to help ”Beth listened to him and when she was sure that he was finished she did something that even shocked her but had to do it to calm him down for with all of the blood he had lost then the cauterizing act that Alden did, Beth was certain that if he would continue acting the way he was that he would go into shock. Slowly she leaned forward and softly pressed her lips against his forehead, then leaned back and continued, “Colt, first of all you did not expect that jerk to be undercover in the tent. You were merely checking for supplies and doing what Alden had instructed us to do. Secondly, about Jessica .honey you did what you could do to help her or try to help her. Colt, you had no idea what was taking place and you were trying to do the right thing that a man would do for his Lady and finally, you did a damn good job protecting all of us and yourself during that barrage out there earlier. You did great with that!” Then Beth turned her head back toward where the enemy was laying behind the tent. “That guy just reacted the way anyone who would have acted if they had been caught hiding. I just am thankful that he shot you in the leg and not in the heart or head cause that I can’t fix. I can fix this and get you as good as new. So let’s just relax ok? Simply just hold my hand here and you can talk about whatever you want to talk about but I won’t let you feel sorry for yourself because you have no reason to feel sorry for yourself.” Colt smiled, “Guess I ain’t doing this right either” He flinched like he thought she would hit him, “Joking!” He looked around the camp and watched the others, Charlie was hurt and it looked like Ceara was favoring her side but he couldn’t tell for what. He wanted to sleep but knew Beth was worried about him going into shock so he looked back to her, “I’ve been thinking, what if some of these guys were out hunting or scouting. They could be back and come after us again.” He looked around again and smiled, “I can’t imagine them wanting to come after us again, after this” He leaned on to his good elbow, “I don’t know that staying where we are is a good idea or not but I am going to let Alden make that call.”Ceara smiled as Tabitha grabbed the other horse, they tied them to one of the bumpers. “I am going to see if some of the livestock are around, if Alden wants us taking the horses back maybe we can find one of the cows or a chicken or two.” Tabitha laughed, “Yeah, Red good luck with that. I’ll go look for food or weapons.” Ceara made her way out to the woods then called back to Tabitha, “Let Charlie know where I went, OK?” Tabitha waved her off as if to say yeah, ok.Ceara pulled out her knife again and began looking around, she wasn’t about to have what happen to Colt happen to her. Part of her wanted to be happy he got shot, now he knew how Maximus felt, but she couldn’t. She felt horrible that any of them got hurt, looking down at her tattered shirt and her own injury. It looked bad and may scar but it would heal, tucking the shirt back into her pants to keep it closed. Charlie had torn it all the way to the bra to get to the wound. “Note to self, punch Charlie for ruining one of my only shirts.” She shook her head and decided that once Beth helped Colt and Charlie then got some rest she would tell her about her side and get some cream or something.Alden continued his search for weapons and he looked at his watch then turned, “TEN MINUTES AND WE’RE GONE, EVERYBODY FINISH IT UP.” He knew they had been there longer than he had wanted but at the same time the plunder they were gathering was worth it. He had seen the girls gather food and clothes and they had all found a lot of weapons. he looked in one more tent and found an old man who had been tied to the ground with stakes. He was a wanderer now, snarling and growling and foaming at the mouth. Alden stood and stared at the man for a moment trying to figure out what the deal was. Deciding it wasn’t worth the time or effort he pulled his knife and put the poor old gent out of his misery. He turned to go and noticed a bag in the corner. Grabbing it he looked in and smiled. Alden walked out and looked around. Beth was still sitting with Colt, Tabitha was still searching for weapons. He heard a whistle and turned, seeing Ceara moving three head of cattle towards them with a chicken running around the cow’s legs. Charlie had moved in to help her. The two were laughing as they moved the cows then suddenly Ceara slapped Charlie in his good arm. He shook his head. “Kids,” he mumbled to himself. “Let’s wrap it up, come on you two.” Waving at Ceara and Charlie, walking over he looked at Colt, “Beth we need to get him in the RV. Beth looked up at him with tired eyes and nodded. She stood and swayed a bit and Alden reached out catching her. “Look you go get in the bus, I’ll get Colt.” Beth staggered towards the RV as Colt looked to Alden, “She’s done man. I mean she is spent, wore out.” Alden turned and watched then looked back to Colt, “We all are son. We all are.” Alden squatted down, “You ready?” Colt nodded. With one swift smooth motion Alden picked him up under his one good arm, “Lean on me and we’ll get you up in there.” Colt looked at him as he got his balance, “I’m sorry Sir. I’m sorry about getting shot twice.” Alden grinned, “First off I ain’t no fucking SIR, secondly I’m fairly sure from all my experiences that you did not on purpose step in front of either of those bullets. I could be wrong but that doesn’t happen often.” Colt smiled, leaning just a bit more on the man, “No, can’t say you are wrong about that one, Sir.. I mean Alden.” Alden got Colt up into the Rv and Beth took over getting him to the first seat. Alden looked at her, “You think you can drive this rig?” Beth looked worried but then nodded, “Yeah it’s not like I have to dodge traffic or anything I’ll just take it slow.” Alden climbed out and walked to Ceara and Charlie. “Charlie you get up in the RV with Beth and help her with getting it back.” He turned to Tabitha and Ceara, “I haven’t herded cattle since I was twelve but I think I remember how. The two girls looked at him with mouths open. Ceara swung up on one of the horses, she had tied the fourth horse’s reins on to her horse and rode over to Tabitha handing her a set of reins. “What about the chickens? I kind of like the idea of fresh eggs.” Alden smiled as he swung onto his horse, “You want to catch them and carry them, be my guest but outside of that I don’t think they will follow us home.” Ceara smirked, “Well I want eggs!” She climbed back out of the saddle and started chasing a chicken; she switched which one she was chasing several times. She skidded to a stop and slapped her hands on her knees glaring at both Tabitha and Alden as they laughed at her, “You guys could help!” Tabitha tried to stop laughing but Alden smirked, “Ceara, you aren’t catching them. Give it up, we may be able to come back later with a cage or something.” Ceara tried one more time but finally gave up and climbed back in the saddle. “Fine, let’s go!”Tabitha quickly mounted her horse then looked over to Ceara. “Look when we get home we can all relax a little and get cleaned up.” Looking over at Charlie Tabitha felt so incredibly sorry for the little guy. Then she looked over at the carnage that laid around her and yet the six of them still survived. Even though they were bruised and battered along being worn completely to shit they made it!! “Beth will help us all with her knowledge and I say we cook up a nice dinner after we all get a little more settled in.” Ceara was a little irritated by not being able to chase the chicken and she sure thought that she could of but when she listened to Tabitha say what she said Ceara realized that she was right. “Just wish I could’ve caught that damn chicken.” Tabitha giggled, “Ya well let’s just chalk it up to the fact that he too must be a little flustered underneath his feathers! I mean with all of the firefighting going on. Let’s just say he doesn’t want to be dinner for anyone! But damn, KFC does sound good.” Ceara looked over to Tabitha and smiled, “Ya and their coleslaw is the bomb too, along with the mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. DAMN! How I miss that stuff!” Tabitha wanted it too but what she didn’t want was to see Ceara get irritated again so she piped up and asked, “Speaking of KFC, you know what KFC really stands for?” Ceara said, “Well other than Kentucky Fried Chicken I have no idea.” Tabitha smiled big and sat up straight on her horse, “Well it means the Colonels Fucking Cooking and sense we have no Colonel, so I guess he ain’t cooking!” For the first time Ceara busted up laughing and said, “Ya I imagine that his nuggets are fried too.” Tabitha returned the laughter, “Yeah and if he was around I don’t know if I would want his fucking gravy either!” Both girls continued for what seemed like hours laughing but actually it was only a few more minutes when Ceara broke in with a big yawn. Tabitha then yawned. “Damn girl did ya have to start that yawning shit!!?? That is probably more contagious than one of those damn wanderers bites!” Ceara kicked the horse following Alden’s lead she started leading the cows threw the woods. Each time any of them started to wander off, whoever was closest to it cut it off and forced it to rejoin the others. It was much easier that she thought it would be.Two hours later they were breaking through the tree line to their own cabins. Ceara was very happy to see them! “Hey Alden, now that we have them here what are we doing with them?” Alden swung down off his horse, “We stake them for now.” Ceara took a shocked breath, “We can’t kill them!!” Alden laughed a deep, throaty laugh, “No Ceara, I meant we put a stake in the ground and we tie the cows to them. We will think of what to do later.” Ceara got off her horse and tied the reins off on a branch, as she grabbed one of the harness’ on the first cow; Charlie came out the back door. “About time you guys got here! I just told Beth I was coming after you if you were gone ten more minutes.” Alden raised an eyebrow at him, “You think whatever can stop me, you can handle?” Charlie blushed, “Well, no but you may have needed help.” Charlie went to Ceara and gave her a kiss, Ceara still saw the bandage on his arm. Her brow furrowed, “Why hasn’t Beth looked at your arm?” Charlie looked to his arm as if he forgot about it, “Well she is kind of busy with Colt, I think the bullet broke his collarbone. Besides, I’m ok.” Ceara rolled her eyes and looked to Tabitha and Alden, wanting one of them to help her out.Colt heard the group come back and looked to Beth, “I guess they made it back ok.” Beth was handing him a glass of water, she held a needle in her other hand. “Yes, they are all fine, now stop worrying about them.” He drank the water but kept his eyes on the needle, “What is that?” Beth smiled, “I need to look at your shoulder and leg, to do that you need to be as relaxed as I can get you. This is a shot of morphine.” Colt shook his head, “Can’t do shots, I hate needles!” Beth cocked her head to the side, “You were not asked, I informed you what it was. I didn’t ask if you wanted it.” Colt tried to scoot away from her, “No shots.” Beth put her hand on her hip, “Do I need to call the men in here to hold you down? I thought you were worried about how you looked to Alden after the fight?” She knew that was a low way to get him to agree but she needed him to allow her to give him the shot. Colt’s jaw tightened, “No, you don’t need to call them. Fine, just hurry up and do it! Where did you get morphine from?” Beth smiled and sat down with the syringe in her hand and began to talk calmly, “Look, I know what you’re talking about with not liking needles because I sure don’t like them either but let me tell you this. It was in that surgical kit Charlie found, the leader must have kept all that for himself. Now, all I am going to do is give this to you and then after it’s injected into your bloodstream you will be on cloud nine. Hell for that matter you will be past cloud nine, perhaps on cloud twenty and your shoulder won’t be bothering you at all.” Colt sat there with this confused dog look on his face but kind of raised his brows when he remembered what morphine does and liked the fact that he wouldn’t feel as horrible as he had. “Just make it quick and get it over with.” Beth looked at him and said, “Give me your arm please.” He hesitantly gave her his left arm and looked away. Once Beth had it in her hand she found his vain and it popped right up for her. Usually she would have counted to three but instead she counted to herself and within seconds she hit it and pulled out the needle. Colt really didn’t feel the needle going in but when he felt the heat of the morphine he shouted, “FUCK, THAT’S HOT!!” That reaction caused Beth to giggle then when she looked at how Colt’s head began to sway back and forth. “How do you feel now?” Colt looked at her then smiled, “What a rush!!!” Beth smiled and got up then spoke, “Colt I need you to lay down. Let me help you.” Gently she went up to his torso and helped guide him down to the couch then assisted him with his legs. “First things first . I got to get your pants off.” Colt had the biggest smile on his face, “Yeah, I always thought you wanted in my pants .” He started to giggle and tried unzip his zipper but was having a hard time. Beth laughed and batted his hands away and unzipped it herself. Working as carefully as she could she managed to get his jeans off and then went over to the kitchen and grabbed a pitcher and basin out of the top of the cabinets that she had seen earlier in the week. After filling up the pitcher she took them over and placed them on the floor then went back to grab several wash clothes. When she had everything she needed she squatted down and looked up to Colt where he had his one good arm underneath his head propping it up where he could see what Beth was doing. The smile on his face was still like a Cheshire cat. “What are you smiling at Colt?” He looked at her and without thinking he stated, “Like what ya see?” Beth raised her brow and asked with her face redder than a apple, “Seriously??” Colt laughed and said, “Ya babyyyyy”. Beth laughed and said, “You are so, not right!” wasting no time now Beth got right to work cleaning the wound. He had lost a lot of blood but when Alden had cauterized the wound it did stop the bleeding and he really didn’t need any stitches but she thought it did need to be bandaged and dressed accordingly. In the medic kit she grabbed a roll of gauze and some surgical tape. Just then she remembered that she thought she had picked up some antibiotic cream when she had been at that pharmacy. Quickly she got up and went to her room where she retrieved a very large tube of Bactroban which is a kick ass antibiotic cream that one can only get with a prescription. When she got back into the room Colt was he was looking up at the ceiling. “You doing ok, Colt?” Colt looked over to her and answered, “I am surprisingly starving is all.” Beth got back to work on his wound and continued talking very softly, “Well that is a good sign but I think we are all hungry.” Once his leg was bandaged she looked up to Colt and reached over to the medic bag where she grabbed a pair of surgical scissors and proceeded to cut his shirt off. Colt just laid there continuing to smile while she worked and once she got his shirt off she could see that the damage after she cleaned the wound. Seeing the displacement of the collar bone Beth knew that it was broken. Fortunately though by her feeling the bones carefully she could tell that it was a clean break and probably left no bone fragments from where the bullet had gone through. Firmly she placed both hands on each side of the bones and applied a generous amount of pressure and when she heard a profound pop and Colt’s reaction was that of wincing in pain as if it was a minor discomfort. After releasing the pressure Beth noticed that the bones did not bounce back and stayed where she had placed them. “Well that does it”, she said with a smile on her face. Colt looked over and asked, “Does what?” Beth looked at him and continued, “Your collarbone is broke and I re-set the bones together. Now I will have to sew you up and we will have to make you a sling with whatever we can find; which I think Alden and I can rig something up. In a few weeks after you are on the mend we will start you off on some simple exercises to keep the muscle strength up but you’re not going to be using it for quite a while. I want to get you stitched up first and once I am finished with that you will be on the mend.” Beth wasted no time as she continued to get her surgical gear in place and worked even faster stitching the front and when she was done she then rolled him over on his side and when she noticed that the bullet had definitely passed clean through she worked even quicker. Colt was making several noises that were not uncommon from having an injury such as he had. In fact the noises began to come on more and more once she got him on his side. As she finished with the last few stitches Beth started talking to Colt to keep him focused on her voice, “Colt?”, she asked. Colt with a bit of distress in his voice answered “Yes?” Beth continued, “Has anyone ever told you that you have an awesome body?” Colt chuckled then answered, “Aww shucks.” Beth snickered then replied, “I bet you never thought that I would get you down on this couch in a manner such as this. I mean taking your pants off and cutting your shirt off the way that I did. I mean if this here was a movie I would venture a guess that we went beyond the rating of PG.” Colt chimed in slowly and Beth could tell that he was in a lot of pain which made her close the wound even faster. “I just wish that things would of been different is all.” When Beth had finished before she had rolled him back over she got her syringe and filled it once more with 2 cc’s of morphine. Softly she caressed his back and steadily worked her way down to his waistband on his boxer shorts. Slowly she kept rubbing then pulled them down slightly and reached for an alcohol pad to sterilize the place where she was going to place her injection. Colt jerked and shouted, “DAMN THAT’S COLD!” Then Beth reacted even quicker as she injected the needle and dispensed the morphine slowly. After pulling up his boxers Beth put some more Bactroban on the stitches and placed a gauze pad over it then secured it with surgical tape. Beth looked down at the other end of the couch and found a pillow. She slowly rolled him back on his back then retrieved the pillow and placed it underneath his injured arm Beth looked at Colt and his smile returned. “Now we are almost done.” Beth then applied more of the cream to his stitches on the front by his collarbone and applied the gauze then surgical tape. When she had finished she stood up and went over to refill his water glass then came back and handed it to his good arm.Alden was securing the cattle with Ceara and Tabitha as Charlie walked up and kissed Ceara. He casually looked to Tabitha and winked with a little grin and then nodded for her to follow him to their Cabin. Tabitha looked at the young couple then smiled at Alden and they slipped away unnoticed. Charlie reached for the tear in Ceara’s shirt pulling it to the side, and looked at Ceara’s wound. It was red and swollen, the skin had been burned around it but the hot shrapnel had cauterized the wound so that was a good thing. “Maybe we ought to go get some peroxide on that, get it cleaned up and put a real bandage on it.” Ceara looked down at her side then to him, “Yes honey I guess you’re right.” The two turned and walked up to their Cabin. Charlie opened the door and held for her as she entered. “You go sit in the kitchen; I’ll get the medical kit.” Charlie said. Ceara smirked and winked, “Yes Doctor.” Charlie went to the bathroom and returned with a white box that had a red cross on it. It was one that they had grabbed from the pharmacy in town. Setting it on the table he opened it. There were little square packages that read betadine on it. Tearing it open he wiped the wound gently as Ceara winced and sucked air through her teeth. “Damn honey I’m sorry I know it stings.” Charlie said as he opened one more. Ceara sucked in again and twitched a little, “You seem to be enjoying this Charlie.” She said with smirk. He threw swabs in a trash can and opened a 4 4 in bandage and placed it on her side then used the medical tape to secure it. When he finished he leaned down and kissed the bandage. “There your boo boo is all better.” Ceara gave him a pout, “What no cookie, no sucker that’s it?” Charlie kissed her on the lips, “Best I can do honey, let’s go relax.” “Not until I look at that shoulder she said.” The two switched places and Ceara pulled the bandage off. Charlie’s wound was bleeding somewhat and she knew he needed it cleaned and stitched. It was Charlie’s turn to wince as Ceara started with the betadine. “Smarts don’t it,” she said with a grin. She dug through the kit and found a small surgical sewing kit. “Damn I got the tools but I don’t think I have the knowledge.” Charlie looked at her, “what? You never had to sew a shirt or put a button on a coat?” “This ain’t the same thing and you damn well know it.” “Sweetie sewing is sewing it’s all the same.” Ceara looked at him “except this is going to hurt you like hell.” Charlie smirked as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bag of white powder. “Maybe not, I found this in the RV they had a bunch of it.” Ceara looked at it and snarled, “I AIN’T PUTTIN NO FUCKING METH ON YOUR WOUND!” Charlie took her hand, “No you you’re not. That ain’t meth it’s cocaine, God’s own pain reliever. That selfish fuck fed the masses the meth but kept the good shit for himself.” Ceara looked at him confused, “I don’t have a needle and I wouldn’t want to risk it. I don’t know what the strength is.” Charlie smiled, “You don’t have to, I used to watch the druggies rub it on their teeth when they had a toothache. I figure you could just sprinkle a little around the wound and rub it in gently and it will numb that area.” Ceara frowned, “Okay if you think it will work.” She sprinkled it on the front of his shoulder then put the rest on the back of the wound rubbing it slowly as Charlie winced and tears came to his eyes. Ceara was at the front and looked at him, “Well?” Charlie waited a few minutes then pushed on the wound and smiled, “Sew away nurse.” Ceara was shaking as she started to push the needle into his skin, “You let me know if this hurts and I’ll stop and get Beth.” Charlie smiled, “If what hurts?” Ceara realized that the cocaine was working like he said and Charlie truly was feeling nothing. Slowly she worked and got the first one sewn up and tied off then moved to the back. In a few minutes she was done and had a new bandage on it. “What no cookie no sucker, that’s it?” Ceara bent down and kissed him, “There how’s that. Now let’s go rest.” The two walked into the front room and plopped down on the couch. Both put their feet up on a small cedar coffee table and Ceara leaned back into Charlie’s good shoulder. They sat there both looking at a painting on the wall across from them of the sun on the horizon of a lake. Ceara broke the silence, “Some day huh?” “Yeah” Charlie replied. Ceara snuggled into him a little closer, “do you think the sun is rising or setting in the painting.” Charlie thought for a moment. “I’m going to say rising. The dawn of new day.” Ceara looked up and kissed him, “My Charlie, always the optimist.” Soon the two were fast asleep.Colt laid back not caring about anything going on, he watched as a butterfly fluttered in the window. He watched as it worked around and saw it land on the cedar post on the porch then came back. He could hear Beth in the kitchen, she was busy but he didn’t know with what. He looked down at himself and started to snicker, then down right laughing. Beth came in looking concerned, “What’s going on?” Colt tried hard to stop laughing but everytime he looked down he was struck with a new bout of laughter. Beth sat on the edge of the couch trying to look in his eyes, Colt shook his head. “I’m ok.” He took a deep breath refusing to look down again, with concern in her voice, “What is going on?” Colt reached up caressing her left forearm, “I just thought about everything that happened today, total death and destruction. All that was really depressing, but here I sit, stoned and damn near naked.” Beth smiled, “Colt everything happened as it was suppose too.” Colt smirked, “So tell me if this, was supposed to happen?” Before Beth knew it Colt was kissing her. She pulled back and pushed him gently back to the couch, “Colt, you are not in your right frame of mind. Once the medicine has worn off, then and only then will we discuss that.” Colt looked stricken, Beth laid her hand on his chest, “I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it but you loved Jessica, I don’t want you regretting your actions later.” Colt pulled a blanket that lay across the back of the couch, he was now very self-conscious and pulled it over himself. “I know…. I’m sorry Beth. You’re right, I shouldn’t have done it . now anyway.” Beth took a minute to fix the blanket for him, “Now anyway ” With that she left the room to take a shower and wash the day’s events away, well not all the events anymore.Alden placed a tube on the table and went to the cabinet pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels, Grabbing two glasses from another cupboard he went back and sat down. Tabitha walked in from the other room, “What’cha got there?” Alden opened the tubes and smiled, “A gold mine.” Rolling the first set of maps out, he looked at them. They were state maps of Southern Missouri and Southern Illinois. The next set was maps of State Parks in the area. Tabitha picked them up as Alden laid them down, “You thinking of moving us again?” Alden took a sip, “Yeah, what with all the brouhaha that’s happened around here I think we need to try and find another home. Something that can be defended a little better. They got to Charlie and Ceara’s and no one knew it. I don’t like that.” Tabitha picked up a flat map of Northern Arkansas, “What about here?” Alden smiled, “Well if I thought it was safe, I’d have stayed home.” He pointed to a spot on the map just north of Conway Arkansas, “That’s my place and it was being overrun by people from Little Rock.” He kept scanning the maps as Tabitha got up and fixed a pot of coffee. Sitting back down she picked up another map and was looking at it, “So what about the horses and stuff how do we move them? We can’t just ride them everywhere.” “Well seeing as how you and I are the only two who really came out of this unscathed it’s going to be up to us to do some scouting in the morning. I have this map here of our current park and noticed they offered Horse Trail rides. That would mean they have or had horses, probably the ones that are tied up out there. So I’m willing to bet that right here,” pointing at a Rangers station on the map that had a horse head beside it, “There is a barn and a corral which would mean somewhere nearby they had horse trailers.” Tabitha leaned over next to him looking at the map. Alden took a sip of his whiskey and looked at her as she leaned in a little farther, He glanced down and noticed her shirt had been torn on top and was showing a little more than she probably wanted. Leaning back he smiled and cleared his throat. Tabitha looked at him and he smiled and pointed to her top. “Oh shit,” She said as she blushed a little, “I’m sorry, I guess I should change.” Alden grinned, “No apologies necessary you just gave an old man a little thrill.” Tabitha got up and smacked him on his shoulder, “The proverbial dirty old man huh?” “Yep and after today I once again earned that title.” Tabitha flipped her hair and turned, “I’ll be right back.” He watched as she walked out and then got up and poured a cup of coffee adding just a shot of whiskey. As he sat back down Tabitha came back in pulling a clean tee shirt down. Alden chuckled and Tabitha looked at him, “What now?” He smiled, “did you even read the shirt?” Tabitha looked down and saw the words SEXY written in pink across the black tee shirt, “well it’s the truth,” she said with a wink. The two went over the park maps for another thirty minutes. Alden got up walked to the front door. Stepping out on the porch he saw Tonto and Maximus both laying down facing away from each other. Tabitha walked up behind him, “What is it?” Alden smiled “The dogs are wore out but they’ll wake if they hear anything, and look there” pointing to the two other cabins. “There’s no candles or lights; the kids are asleep.” He turned to her, “Which is where we should be. Come on, it’s been a long day.” Tabitha turned and he followed her in, “I guess you’re right.” She turned and headed to her room. Alden blew out the oil lamp in the kitchen and was walking towards his room when Tabitha appeared in her doorway. “Alden?” She started almost as quiet as a church mouse, “Could I sleep with you tonight. I just don’t want to be alone.” Alden looked at her and kissed her forehead, “yeah sure, but be warned I snore and I don’t want no shit about it.” Tabitha smiled, “I know I’ve heard it before.” Tabitha was under the covers as Alden walked in from the bathroom in his boxers and a tee shirt. He climbed in bed laying on his back and Tabitha rolled over and snuggled up to him. Placing his arm around her shoulder he laid there looking up at the ceiling thinking how lucky they had all been. The fact that no one had been killed was nothing short of a miracle and he knew it. The sound of Tabitha’s breathing was soothing and soon they were both fast asleep. Snoring in unison .

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