Make: Believe

I have to believe…
             Scratch that.
                        I choose to believe that
                                  If I apply my passion and my will and my good intention
                                  that what I build will be worthwhile.

I like building long as I don’t have to swing a hammer. Ok, I like imagining great things to build and convincing hammer swingers (whom I hold in highest regard) to get at it.

I treat obesity as a surgeon and as a psychologist (insert happy, funny, smiling face here). I have a job in which I assemble an unusual array of medical folks. So far: surgeon, physician assistant, nurses, medical assistants, dietitians, psychologists, other doctors. There are also the people who own the business I am in.  There are also the precious diamonds of every person I work with. We have some openings:

I am thinking we need a nun and a shaman and a massage therapist. We need a mechanical engineer and a poet and a chef. This is unusual work and affects every part of every day for my patients and so I need an angel with me and a robot…I have one of those, for real. There is a robot at the hospital that I can use to do surgery. I sit in a booth twiddling my thumbs and the robot swings hammers.  I need a spoken word mathematician and a legal artist. My patients need an Islamic set of 72 virgins and an evangelist and an IT person or persons, probably in that order. They need a hug and you can give them that.
Our team is actively looking for a marketing person who is familiar with social medicinals. We also need a retail sculptor. We need a broader bottom line so that more people get what they deserve. We would like to add a program that includes modern dancing

We would like you to consider applying for this job.

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2 Responses to Make: Believe

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve missed your writings, and this one made me smile……

  2. Sreerekha says:

    I agree with natalie. People are so igronant and even more so they are lazy. How hard is it to collect you plastic bottles and recycle them. how long does it take for a plastic bottle to decompose?200 years? Totally ridiculous. These are the people that are complaining about new landfills being built in their backyard. I think if we all took a little responsibility for the problems we have killing mother earth and all try to do our part to recycle and clean up, we would be far better off.

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