Every Decision

Every Decision

Every, Every Decision Is Life Or Death

I could stay put, stand in line, be quiet.
I could do my part, be a part of the team, cooperate.
Maybe I should wait for a better time, maybe.
Now’s not good.
Be practical, bide my time, compromise even.
I should trust the system. I have come this far…
I could weigh my options. I should do that.
Why am I rushing? I should take my time,
See what the others are doing.
I need to cover all the bases and get a read on this.
I should wait for a sign, hedge my bets and
Keep an eye on my six. Don’t go in to this blind.
Be on guard, keep my eyes open.
Bide my time.
Keep my options open.
Don’t worry, tomorrow will be a better day.

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