Black Is Blue

Tonight it hit me that what is in memory, what is old, what fed my imagination (for better, etc) when I was 18, would comfort me. I was right. I turned on an episode of Miami Vice. Some would say that “Smuggler’s Blues” from Season One is the best episode of Miami Vice. Perfect combination of the fundamental plot of the show with undercover work, high risk with minimal thanks, perfect blend of relevant 80’s style music and fashion and nail biter ending. Watch it. It really helped me to remember my young self wanting to ride in the cool retro car, do good while doing bad in Miami and coming out ahead. I ate a burger while my child slept and my wife was hanging out with friends. It was quiet at the end of a long day in the O.R. with high intensity and good outcomes. I had done a good days work and wandering around in my past was a comfort. Good enough.

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