It’s Almost Nothing, Just This Moment

It’s almost noth­ing, this moment between us
It’s the pass­ing of our hands across the table
It is the pay­ing of bills, it is the prover­bial kitchen table
And us
Dis­cussing the future, in cap­i­tal let­ters and, you know
But really it is Sun­day after­noon and we are walk­ing and the light arrives
When we do, and we remem­ber this because the leaves shuf­fled out
In front of the bark and we remem­ber this because we
Fell asleep hold­ing each other for a minute until it was too hot
And we remem­ber just the light and our fam­ily and our faith in
The next right thing, us, God, god, this right thing, and
We are grate­ful for the light mov­ing among the

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One Response to It’s Almost Nothing, Just This Moment

  1. Barbara says:

    a love letter.….

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