Busy Brain

My brain is a whirling dervish. Mostly I am in it. It is inter­est­ing, flashy, sexy even. Exhaust­ing. I would like to step off that ride for a minute please.
I have been med­i­tat­ing, a lit­tle. I like to have def­i­n­i­tions for words. My brain, you know, wants them. It is relent­less.
Med­i­ta­tion: the process of me being with my busy brain. If there is a part that is only with my brain then that part is not my brain, my mind. Let’s cross over to mind instead of brain. And the med­i­ta­tor is the part of me that is with my mind but is not my mind. I am both these things at once, like a par­ti­cle and wave, like light. (this is a mir­a­cle or sci­ence or both…uh oh, here we go again)
The med­i­tat­ing part of me can love the mind but not be the mind. The med­i­ta­tor is engaged in compassion.

Com­pas­sion: the act of being with another’s pas­sion. It is not a feel­ing, but feel­ings fol­low it closely. Com­pas­sion is the deci­sion to remain when every­one else has lost hope and gone home, but it does not require hope on my part, only that I remain. It is sim­ply the being with when the dervish of the mind or the cyclone of the heart are in full force and over­whelm­ing. I am in com­pas­sion when I sit with you while you hurt, not say­ing any­thing, just stay­ing. I am in com­pas­sion when I let my son or my wife get to the end of their rope and mine and I stay. I am in com­pas­sion when I med­i­tate and hang in there with my busy brain, lov­ing it, smil­ing, and waiting.

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  1. WinYourDay says:

    Com­pres­sion of my mind when it comes to com­pas­sion. Hard to focus. Every­thing wants to burst out but is not needed at that moment and has noth­ing to do with the task at hand.

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